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Why are we your first choice?

We direct our our greatest focus on our clients, by doing that we are only providing the most professional media material on the market, which in turn increases the popularity of our clients. We don't just take money for our services, we take that same money and invest in our clients growth.

One perfect example on how we work in our video production is that we guarantee that 100 000 viewers will find to your music videos. Of course we will also design promotional material to our clients for social sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc and use that material to promote your product.

We will also increase your popularity with the help of internet, newspapers, portals, tv and more. You grow = We grow (Simple math)

We want your success!

Your success is our success. We want your trust.

Free promotion

When we realise your music video we are promoting it because we truly want your success.

We se you as important person!
By your choice

We are offering standard packages because of simplicity and request but keep in mind that you always can make changes in .

Convert your creativity to reality!
Everything in one place

We can produce a song, record music video, design images for social sites, promote your finished product and more...

We are fulfilling all your needs!

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We take jobs worldwide.

Book us for a job NOW!

Our vision is GIGANTIC

Started on the bottom and now we are on the top

We made our invested time in this count!

Our video production cooperate with many of the most popular and with highest quality media producers from Balkan. Our vision is to be #1 in media jobs, music and in the film world.  A tv show under the name "Balkan Giants" is in realisation and soon you will be able to watch our tv show on your screen at home.

You are happy with some other production?

No problem. They are probably our partners and if they are not then we will make the best deal for you where you get the best off their service and our at the same time.

Balkan Giants on youtube

You can allway search for us on youtube.com/BalkanGiants so you can watch our content and subscribe to our channel.

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